Friday, July 3, 2009

last trip to the orange park

We made our last trip to the Orange Park today. We picked up McDonald's for lunch and headed over for a picnic. It was great letting the kids run around and be noisy-- it's hard to do that in a hotel!!

Such a pretty girl!! :)

Daddy and Lexie eating lunch.

Nick and Christopher-- Ben was running around playing

Ben spent most of lunch playing up here.

Lexie loves it when Christopher pushes her on the swing.

Silly Mater-Baby!

She loves the park!!

Ben had fun on the swings.... for about a minute.... and then wanted to run around again.

Christopher was pretending he was Sandman (from Spiderman 3)

Nick barely stopped for a picture.

Look, I'm a walker now!!

So sweet! :)


  1. Those are such sweet pictures of Lexie- and she looks so OLD!!! She is our little Mater-Baby! I love the one of Christopher pushing her in the swing- the boys are good to their little sister!

  2. Jenne--your kids are precious! We wish you happiness in your new assignment. Congrats to Jacob on all he has accomplished and to you for being a "single parent" for all those months.
    Love, Claudia

  3. Adorable kids, adorable pics, adorable fun! I will miss Orange Park :) We are praying for safe travel for you!! We will MISS YOU! Hopefully we move to DC soon :D


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