Friday, July 10, 2009

wilmington & wrightsville beach

Today we continued driving down the North Carolina coast to Wilmington. We had lunch at a local brewery and then walked down the Riverwalk along the Cape Fear River.

Lexie enjoyed the view.

This was the best out of about 70 tries!

After lunch we went and checked in at our hotel. They were overbooked so we got bumped up to the Honeymoon Suite, complete with a whirlpool tub!! :) After the kids took an afternoon nap, we headed to Wrightsville Beach. It's only about 2 hours from Fort Bragg so we'll probably end up coming here a lot!!

Surfers at Wrightsville Beach

Lexie was very unsure of the sand......

And Ben ran straight into the water as soon as he saw it.

But wasn't expecting the waves.....

And ended up falling over.

We found a dead jellyfish amongst the shells.

Christopher and Nicholas had fun running around-- Nick even went in the water this time!!

A daddy-daughter moment

All the boys playing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nick had so much fun- who would have thought he was afraid of the water?!

A video of Christopher and Nicholas playing:


  1. Great pictures! Who would have thought Nick would be so brave about going in the water!? Looks like a fun day =)

  2. Nick the water baby! or really, all of them seem to be water babies! Lexie will come around sooner or later :) I'm sure you'll spend many fun days at the beach, for sure.

  3. Hey look! I commented on your blog all by myself! I guess I just cannot use my work computer!

  4. Hi Jennifer! I'm also an Army wife, he's been in for almost 9 yrs. We were in Ft. Capmbell, KY and now have been in California for 4 yrs recruiting. We are looking at getting restationed don't know where'a a waiting game but I'm at peace:D We heard Ft. Bragg is pretty nice! You have a beautiful family:D I love your pics! I pray that you guys continue to have a good time in your new home.

    Hugs, Susan


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