Sunday, August 23, 2009

welcome home!

Now that we're all settled and unpacked (for the most part), it's time for pictures of the house!

The front

Front Porch

The living room, from the front door

Living room from the bookcases (with Jacob's Alice Pack, and my anniversary present)

Living room from the hallway

The kitchen

Breakfast nook and the kids' table



Family Room

Dining Room

And moving upstairs......

The master bedroom from the door

and from the master bathroom.

The kids' bathroom.

Christopher and Nicholas' room (from the door)

Christopher and Nick's room

The laundry room

Benjamin's room (from the door)

Ben's dresser

Lexie's room (from the door)

Lexie's room (from the closet)


  1. I love your house! It looks like a movie house.

  2. I am envious of your kitchen. And Adam likes your wine racks. And the kids' rooms are so cute! And I like your new bedroom set! :)

  3. Your home is beautiful- I can't wait to see it in person! This is not what I envisioned as base housing =)

  4. Thanks Laura!!
    Janne- Mom and Dad ordered the wine racks, too. Maybe you guys should get some!! LOL!!
    Mom- Thanks!! It is nice, although the people before us really trashed it. It would be nice if people would take care of things even though it isn't "theirs". :) But it's definitely a few steps up from old base housing!!


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