Tuesday, September 8, 2009

myrtle beach... part four

On Monday after we checked out of our hotel we went to Alligator Adventure to see the alligators.

We watched a reptile show and learned all about snakes, alligator snapping turtles, and alligators!

Alligator snapping turtle

The kids were able to pet a baby alligator after the show!

We walked around and looked at some exhibits before heading over to the main boardwalk for the
alligator feeding!
Look at those toothy grins!

They know when it's time to eat!

It's just like Sea World and they do tricks for food!!

It was amazing to see how high they could jump!

Chasing some chicken.

Family dinner :)

Look at how big that alligator is!

Lexie loved the alligator feeding!! "Daddy, I want one!!"

We continued walking around the park. The kids were fascinated with all of the different types of alligators that we saw.

Taking a break on a bridge. It was dirty so Nick didn't want to touch it!



Christopher with a Red-Tailed Asian Ratsnake

Ben passed out and slept through the rest of the park.

A ring tailed lemur!

The rare albino alligator

Once we made it to the gift shop Lexie finally got her alligator!

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