Tuesday, September 8, 2009

myrtle beach... part two

On Sunday morning after breakfast we headed down to the beach. We loaded up the stroller with towels, chairs, and shovels and claimed our spot on the sand!

Christopher started the morning digging for shells.

Ready for fun!!

Ben followed Christopher and Nicholas around and "helped" them dig holes.

It's really hard to effectively shovel when you're confined to such a small space!


Yep, still on the board......

Daddy helping Ben "surf"

Lexie's STILL hanging out on her board...

She FINALLY made it onto the sand and then got knocked over by a wave (because Mommy was trying to take a picture)!

Nick loved the water!

And Lexie headed back to her board.

Christopher loved the water too and spent most of our time at the beach splashing in the waves.

The waves rolling in.

Ben helped Daddy bury Christopher.

And turn him into a mermaid!!

Beach baby :)

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