Wednesday, March 31, 2010

party at home

After the party at the park we came home and Ben and Lexie went down for a nap. Jacob took the older boys out back to play baseball. Christopher discovered that he can hit the ball(!) and now wants to play baseball. Unfortunately registration just ended so he'll have to play next year. But until then, he can enjoy playing at home.

Look how far it went!!

Mr. Baseball

After naptime Ben and Lexie came downstairs and were excited to see a new playhouse out back!! They rushed out to play.

Happy Birthday Ben and Lexie!!

It started to rain but they wanted to stay outside and play!

After playing for awhile, we headed back inside for more presents.

Pretty new dress from Grandma and Grandpa!!

What could it be? Why, it's the Little Einsteins!!

Target gift cards are the best!! Thanks Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!!

Who needs a Barbie (or Garbie according to Ben) when you can just steal her brush?!

Back outside playing in the rain!

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