Tuesday, March 23, 2010

washington dc: day two

The kids all slept in after our fun night out with Auntie Janne. Luckily, we were able to snag some donuts since the staff at the front desk felt bad that we slept through breakfast. After our quick snack we were out the door to begin exploring.

On our way to the Metro we realized that we could see the White House when we crossed 16th Street so we decided to walk over and check it out.

Nick and Christopher were so excited to see where the President lives (or where John McCain should be living- according to Nick)

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Since we walked away from our Metro stop to get to the White House, we figured we would continue walking and headed toward the Washington Monument for a few pictures.

The Washington Monument

We continued our walk down the National Mall enjoying the architecture of the Smithsonians and federal buildings. We stopped for a hotdog lunch outside the National Air and Space Museum.

Nick and Christopher thought it was fun to eat standing up.

Look at my yummy hotdog!!

Jacob's hotdog. :)

After our delicious lunch we headed into the National Air and Space Museum.

Trying to land a plane on an aircraft carrier-- they weren't successful.

The Spirit of St Louis

Nicholas with Orville and Wilbur Wright

When we were done at the Air and Space Museum we headed toward the US Capitol. It was quite a hike up Capitol Hill (Christopher and Nicholas utilized the benches on the way up) but everyone was excited once we made it there.

The US Capitol

Both the House and the Senate were in session (the flags are up on both sides).

When we walked to the back of the Capitol a bell sounded and the House of Representatives adjourned. We got to see all of the Representatives walking down the steps of the Capitol and heading to lunch (I'm assuming).

We walked over to the Russel Senate Office Building because Nick was dead set on meeting John McCain. We went to his office but unfortunately he was in a meeting. Nick was devastated that he didn't get to meet McCain but we did get a picture by the door.

Nick wants to mail this picture to John McCain with a letter that says "I'm sorry you missed me!"

We walked back past the Capitol to the Good Stuff Eatery for a snack (they have AMAZING shakes!!) before walking to the South Capitol Metro station and heading back to the hotel. Notice a trend with all this "walking"? I think we ended up walking 6-7 miles over the course of the day and the kids did surprisingly well.

When we got back to the hotel we relaxed for a bit before Janne came over. She spent the evening playing with the kids while Jacob and I went out!

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  1. I love Nick's comment- you need to send the pic to Sen. McCain along with a letter from Nick!


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