Friday, April 30, 2010

day twenty-eight: care package fun

Now that Jacob has received his packages, I can post this!

We've had a lot of fun putting together care packages for Jacob since he left.  The first one we sent was all of the stuff that didn't fit in his bag or that he forgot.  So we decided to have some fun with the next one!  We did a "big kid" theme and the little kids had lots of fun shopping!

Coloring pictures for Daddy

Little Kids to Big Kid
The box all ready to go.

Kid Stuff
Box #2-All the loot: Toy Story sheets, Toy Story figurines, sour gummy vitamins, funny glasses, Toy Story bandaids, random "kid" candy, Crystal Light packets, Flarp, bubbles, Easy Mac, applesauce, pictures of the kids, fruit roll-ups, Toy Story magnets, Toy Story coloring book and crayons, frisbee, squirt guns, and the rest of the space in the box was filled with Jolly Ranchers.

When Jacob left, Nick said really wanted to send MmmHmm with him so that "Daddy doesn't forget me".  So, my wonderful friend Sara at Squibby Doo Designs made a small blanket out of the leftover MmmHmm scraps from when she re-did Nick's blanket.  We sent the blanket in Box #3.

Baby MmmHmm
Baby MmmHmm- just for Daddy!

Another one...
Box #3- Swiffer pads, Washeze, scented dryer sheets, Glade room spray, 98% DEET bug spray, 24 pack of Via Starbucks coffee, Coffemate creamer packets, pomegranate Jelly Bellys, Clif bars, and a BIG bag of beef jerky! 


  1. He is going to be teased for those sheets :) I bet the kiddos had fun! I love Nicks blanket sweet! Makes me want to send a package to Jake myself! Think I am heading to Target to do just that!

  2. He is going to be the luckiest, most loved guy in Iraq!

  3. And the envy of his platoon! You know they all secretly want Toy Story sheets!! Love the blanket =)


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