Friday, October 29, 2010

day 210: enforcer for a day

Today we met up with friends and went to the 503d MP Battalion's Family Appreciation Day.  Our first stop was the bounce house- the boys ran straight in and started jumping but Lexie is still too afraid to go past the entrance.  After a half hour of jumping we were off to check out the vehicles.

Ben and Chris liked "driving" the police car.

MP Luke
Even Luke got a turn!!

Nick learned all about the 9mm that MPs carry-- and now he REALLY wants one.

The ASV (Armored Security Vehicle) is commonly used by MPs.

Blowing in the wind
Lexie playing inside the ASV

Nick learned how to spin around in the turret.

Army Girl
Trying on gear

Ben learned how to start the humvee and then turned it on and off, over and over and over!

After checking out all of the vehicles that MPs use both at home and while deployed we had a snack and the kids went back into the bounce house for a bit before heading home.

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