Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 246 (2): happy thanksgiving

We were excited to have Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Janne, and Uncle Adam join us for Thanksgiving this year. It was definitely weird to not be celebrating with Jacob but having family here made the day more bearable.

We kept our usual tradition of getting McDonald's for breakfast.  We swung through the drive-thru for our sausage mcmuffins with egg and hashbrowns (and I was very disappointed to find out that sausage mcmuffins with egg are no longer on the dollar menu- shows how often I go!) and headed home to watch the parade!

Lexie and Ben waiting for the parade.

The grown-ups (minus the photographer)

After the parade it was time to start cooking.  I made all the sides (stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean and corn casserole, and cranberries) the day before so we just had to put the turkey and ham in and then reheat sides.  It's so much easier doing it that way and we were all able to enjoy the afternoon.

Stephanie and Luke came over (and brought the most delicious pigs in a blanket) just in time for appetizers.  In fact, I think we enjoyed the appetizers so much that no one was really hungry, though we did all eat dinner!

Grandpa made the turkey and did a great job!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of dinner or afterwards.  However, we did all have a great time! 

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