Monday, January 17, 2011

day 291: hey there delilah


So for the past few years Christopher has been going on and on and on about how much he wants a kitten and how his life would be complete if we only had a kitten.  I, on the other hand, am not the biggest fan of cats and kept telling him that no, we would not be getting a kitten and wouldn't he rather have a stuffed animal instead?

When we moved to NC we became aware of all the stray cats in our neighborhood due to the transient nature of military life and irresponsible pet owners.  On more than one occasion Christopher tried to convince us that we should just keep one of the cats roaming the neighborhood.  I stood my ground and continued saying no.

Our neighbors started feeding one of the stray cats when they realized she was pregnant.  And then they took care of all the kittens and found great homes for each one of them.  However, the day Christopher met the kittens his requests for a kitten of his very own grew more insistent.

Jacob and I talked extensively (without Christopher) about whether or not to get a cat and when to do it. We had decided that we would "probably" get one but that we would wait until Jacob came home in the spring to do it.

While Jacob was home on R&R we went to Petsmart just to browse.  It's a bad idea to take four kids to Petsmart just to "browse" unless you plan on coming home with an animal of some sort!  They happened to be doing an adoption event for The Haven, a local no-kill shelter.

We walked over to check out the available animals.  And then it happened; Christopher saw her first.  And it was love at first sight.  The "her" in question was a five month old kitten who had been abandoned at Petsmart.  We played with her for awhile and listened to Christopher go on and on and on about how we needed her and he would take care of her and he would play with her.......

And before I knew it we were getting cash out of an ATM and filling out adoption paperwork.  It took about 20 minutes and then we were free to take our new kitty home.  "Free" meaning "able to" not "for no money" as we then walked around Petsmart and spent $150 on "necessities".

On our way home we talked about names for our new addition.  Ben adamantly wanted to name her "Nothing" and Nick's suggestions were only appropriate for the bathroom.  Lexie still doesn't quite understand the concept of naming so she wasn't much help either.  Christopher, however, was insistent from the moment that he saw her that her name would be "Lila".

So here is the newest member of our family, Delilah, or "Lila" as we usually call her.



  1. She's so cute! I miss my cats - but mine has been asking for a for years now!

  2. She is very cute! Welcome to the family, Lila!

  3. Pretty cute! For a cat..... ;-)

  4. Cute...but I am with you Jenne...Not a huge fan of cats!I am curious to see how long Christopher takes care of her until it becomes your responsibility! He he! I like her name!

  5. That is a wonderful story! She is very pretty and I love the name! He did good.
    My son got a puppy for Christmas...


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