Sunday, January 30, 2011

day 304 (2): pictures from the park

Park Fun
We took advantage of the amazing weather today (almost 70!) and headed to the park for some lunch and fun in the sun!

Luke at the Park
Luke chillin' out.

Little Climber
Last time we went to this park (6 months ago), Lexie couldn't make it up.  She's getting so big!!

Big Ben
Big Ben!!  He can make it to the top of the mountain now!!

Lunch Break
Lunch break.  :)

♥ LOVE ♥


  1. Adorable pictures. Isn't it great when surprise nice weather makes for wonderful memories

  2. Thanks Kris! Yes, it's definitely nice when you get an unexpected chance for memories. And we've been loving the warm weather this weekend!!

  3. Speaking of love- I just LOVE the picture of Christopher and Lexie... adorable!! Glad ya'll had a great time today!

  4. Luke looked awfully happy without me there...think I'm starting to see a trend...


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