Saturday, April 23, 2011

vacay day five: 'ohana and dtd

Day five started with a wonderful breakfast at 'Ohana's, a family-style character breakfast in the Polynesian Resort.  We had a delicious meal of pineapple friendship bread, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, hawaiian sausage, bacon, fried potatoes and Mickey waffles!

The boys were excited to meet Pluto.  And Lexie was still unsure.

Saying hi to Lilo.....

And Stitch!!  Still unsure but starting to warm up.

Picture time with THE Mouse!!

Parade Time
All the kids joined in the parade!

Family Picture
A family photo.

After breakfast we hoped on the monorail for a ride around Walt Disney World.  We tried to switch over to the one headed to EPCOT but it was down for maintenance so we headed back to the Polynesian.  We drove to Downtown Disney and made our way over to Disney Quest, an indoor interactive theme park.

We didn't take many pictures inside but we did have fun riding the virtual Jungle Cruise, creating and riding our own roller coasters, and battling aliens and supervillans.  Ben and Lexie weren't quite tall enough for everything but once again, they were great sports.

Ben fell asleep on Grandma while waiting for Chris, Nick, Grandpa and Daddy to save the world.

After a few hours at Disney Quest we ventured outside to explore the sights of Downtown Disney.  We had dinner at Earl of Sandwich (the best sandwiches ever!) and dessert at Ghirardelli (for our traditional Earthquake!).  We went to the world's largest Disney Store and to Basin for their amazing bath bombs.  And once again, it was time to head back to the hotel for some rest before another busy day!

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