Sunday, December 11, 2011

charlotte-- the cowfish

After a busy day shopping and exploring Charlotte, we headed back over by the hotel to find something for dinner.  When we drove by the mall we saw a sign for "The Cowfish: Sushi, Burger, Bar" and were intrigued so we headed inside.  They're focused on offering both the best sushi AND the best burger in town.

ahi tuna nachos
The seared ahi tuna nachos and the little princess who loves ahi tuna.

Nick ordered sushi for dinner while Ben had the teriyaki chicken

Jacob and I shared a couple different types of rolls.

apple pie wontons
And then we all had the amazing "Apple Pie" Wontons for dessert!!

It was a delicious end to a fun-filled day in Charlotte and we all can't wait to go back!!

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  1. How sad that your kids can eat with chopsticks better than I can...


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