Saturday, May 19, 2012

stormfest 2012

Today (that's right, today-- I'm not behind anymore!!) we went to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum to check out StormFest 2012.  It's an annual event in Fayetteville to learn about storms and disaster preparedness.  Nicholas, and his weather fascination, is the main reason that we went, but all of the kids enjoyed it.

Our first stop was the News14 meteorologists' table.  We got to meet and chat with our local weathermen- and we even got their autographs!!  Nick asked quite a few questions and told them all about how he wants to be a meteorolgist and chase tornadoes when he grows up.  They told him to do well in school, focus on math and science and then told us which in-state schools have meteorology programs (NC State, UNC-Charlotte, and UNC-Asheville).

We said goodbye to the weathermen and moved along to a table all set up with different science experiments.  We learned ALL about air pressure and how it impacts the weather.  The kids had a great time crushing soda cans full of hot air in a bowl of ice water, making clouds in bottles, and making water defy gravity.


With no air inside the cup, the air pressure from outside is greater than the pressure of the water inside the cup-- the extra air pressure holds the CD case in place

Ben was amazed that it even worked with an index card!!

Drop in temperature after a change in air pressure-- with a can of condensed air.

Our next stop was a Skywarn class with a representative from the National Weather Service.  We learned about all of the different types of severe weather as well as things like the difference between a funnel cloud and a tornado.  We also learned what part of supercell produces tornadoes (the wall cloud) and how to spot them (make sure to check for rotation).  And now, we are all (well technically just those of us over 18) certified Skywarn storm spotters!!  For more information and classes in your area check out- Skywarn

We made our way to the next room and the kids had the chance to do the weather report on camera.

What are you pointing at Christopher??

Ohhhh, the weather in New York and Pennsylvania!

Ben wanted to get in on the fun.....

But disappeared on camera (darn green shirt on a green screen!!)

It's a floating head... and arms... and some shorts!!

There's gonna be SUNSHINE from COAST to COAST!!


  1. What a cool thing to do today! I bet Nick LOVED it- and it looks like the other kids had fun as well!

  2. Oh- and I love Ben's floating head and arms- that's priceless!!


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