Wednesday, October 10, 2012

new house- moving day!!


On July 10, the movers showed up at our house bright and early.  Ok, really it was around 9am because they were running late and didn't anticipate how long it would take to get through the gate to come on post.  But they did eventually arrive and quickly started loading our boxes and furniture.  We opted to pack the boxes ourselves and then hired the movers to actually move ALL of our stuff.


The kids were very excited and did surprisingly well considering it took all day and they didn't really have anything to play with.  Luckily, they were able to play DS and watch movies on their laptop and that helped to pass the time.  The movers had everything loaded by 3:45 and at 4 we had our move-out meeting to clear housing.  After a quick dinner at Chipotle we were on the road headed for Charlotte.


The first part of the drive was smooth sailing but at the halfway point we hit a MAJOR storm.  The lightning was striking all around the car, the thunder was instantaneous and the car shook with every strike.  The rain was coming down in sheets and flooding the roads fast.  We slowed down to a crawl and moved about 2 miles over the course of 20 minutes before moving out of the storm.


We stopped a bit later so that Miss Daisy could take a potty break and I got a chance to take pictures of corn fields.  There's just something about fields that I love- must be the perfect and organized lines.  :)


After our quick potty and photo break we were back in the car and headed to the hotel.  We figured it would be easiest to stay near the house since we had to be there for closing in the morning.  We checked into the hotel and got all the kids situated and it was time for bed!

We were up bright and early the next morning but received a phone call saying that closing would be pushed off a bit because all of the paperwork wasn't ready.  It ended up being a pretty stressful 6 hours before we actually ended up at the table signing mountains of paperwork.  But then it was done and we had our keys!!

We rushed over to the house to meet the movers (who were VERY understanding about needing to push our unloading off by seven hours).  They got started around 4 and didn't finish up until nearly 10 so it was a LATE night for everyone!

We had lots of water bottles since everyone was thirsty-- people and dogs alike!


There is a Pizza Hut near the house so we made a pizza run for dinner.  Our movers were VERY appreciative that we included them in our pizza party and I think they were even more careful with our stuff after that!


After the movers left we got everyone settled into their new rooms and headed to bed.  It was a LOOOONG but very exciting day!!

Home. Sweet. Home.


  1. LOVE your cornfield photos- our cornfields look pretty "sunburned." Your moving day sounds like an adventure you won't forget! Happy homecoming!

    1. Thanks! We definitely had some "sunburned" cornfields too this year.


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