Monday, December 31, 2012

let me run

This fall, Christopher participated in Let Me Run- a program that inspires boys through the power of running to be courageous enough to be themselves, to build healthy relationships, and to live active lifestyles.  He stayed after school twice a week for seven weeks in order to train for the culminating 5K event.

christopher 5k
Ready to run!!

5k team
LET ME RUN BOYS are courageous enough to be themselves.
LET ME RUN BOYS push themselves to be fit in body, mind, and spirit.
LET ME RUN BOYS are loyal friends who encourage and support others.
LET ME RUN BOYS trust that teamwork, unity, respect and perseverance open doors to greatness.
LET ME RUN BOYS are honest with themselves and others.
LET ME RUN BOYS responsibly choose what's right, never settling for what's easy.

run run run
The 5k was held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the last mile was on the racetrack!

you did it!
Christopher finished his first 5k in 36 minutes!  Way to go!!

tunnel lights
We checked out Speedway Christmas- a display with over 3 million lights- after the 5k.  

group shots
The Albaeck kids

petting zoo
Having fun at the petting zoo.

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