Tuesday, December 31, 2013

december 2013

December is always a busy month in our house but it is also one of the most fun!  We had church events, football games, and Christmas, but to start it off, Ellie celebrated her one month birthday.  Although she's only been in our lives for thirty days, we can't possibly imagine life without her.
one month
One month old

dec insta-baby
December insta-baby.  Ellie is starting to develop such a sweet little personality.  She's transitioning from a cute little blob to a little person that smiles and interacts.

santa clause marathon
We started a new tradition this year-- we had a "Santa Clause" movie marathon and went to Denny's ("it's always open!") for dinner.  The kids were especially excited because they got to go in their Christmas jammies!

christmas program
The four big kids participated in our church Christmas program this year.  After several months of memorizing lines and weekly rehearsals, they put on a great show.  Christopher was Gabriel, Nick was Zechariah, Ben was a donkey and Lexie was the star!

Such great cooperation from these two during the program!

dinner by candlelight
We started another tradition to have a candlelight dinner on the longest night of the year.  We planned a sugary-sweet dinner (cinnamon pancakes, noodles with syrup, and bacon) to go with the movie "Elf"!

disney on ice
Through the wonderful donations of the Wounded Warrior Project, we were able to go see "Disney on Ice" this year.  The show was in Fayetteville so we used the opportunity to get together with our Fort Bragg friends.  The kids were so excited to be able to play with each other again-- and the grown-ups had fun, too!  

christmas eve
After church on Christmas Eve we had our traditional pizza and Christmas movie celebration.  The kids really enjoyed watching all of the old Christmas classics.

christmas eve presents
After pizza and movies, the kids each got to open one present and then it was time for bed!

christmas morning
On Christmas morning the kids waited patiently upstairs until everyone was awake (around 8am) and then were very excited to run downstairs and see what Santa left.

We typically start with stockings, then do presents from Santa, and then do the rest of the presents under the tree.  We have the kids go one at a time so that they are able to see what everyone got and have time to say thank you instead of rushing through the whole thing.

christmas fun
Ben thought he looked cute like Ellie with his headband and Nick was very excited to get the bluray copy of his favorite move- "Castaway".  Ellie even woke up for awhile and joined in the festivities!

grown-ups too!
Jacob thinks it's fun to make silly faces for the camera ;)
The Albaeck girls

belk bowl
Thanks to the Wounded Warrior Project we got tickets to the Belk Bowl this year.  We went and cheered on the UNC Tarheels to victory over the Cincinnati Bearcats.

We finished the year up with a quiet New Year's Eve at home.  We watched movies, had pizza, and rang in the new year with sparkling cider and the ball drop at midnight!  It was the perfect end to a wonderful year.

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  1. What a busy month you guys had! Great pics - my favorite is the one of Lexie being the star - with her tongue out! ;-)


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