Sunday, December 29, 2013

ellie's first week home

Ellie's first week home from the hospital was relaxing and busy all at the same time!  Grandpa had to go back to Arizona after a couple of days, but we were lucky enough to have Grandma in town for the rest of November!

time in the sun
Spending some time in the sun

Lexie took advantage of having Grandma at our house and had french braids almost every day!

front porch fun
Relaxing on the front porch

nick and "his" ellie
Nick and "his" Ellie-- he's convinced that he will be her favorite!

playmat fun
Checking out her playmat

Such a proud big sister!!  Lexie loves playing with Ellie, at least until she cries.

swing time
Sleeping in the swing

eating out
At only a week old she was already checking out Starbucks and Chipotle-- or at least sleeping through them!


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