Friday, January 31, 2014

january 2014 insta update

January Insta
(1) Sleepy morning snuggles (2) Ben and Ellie (3) Sleepover with these two while the boys are at a lock-in (4) Taking advantage of the 20 degree weather and having polenta for dinner (5) 2 months old already (6) Taking pics is tiring (7) Just so you know.... (8) Snoozin' (9) SGT Albaeck's retirement from the Army (10) She loves her lamb mobile (11) Breakfast before church (12) Snuggle bug (13) Baby blues (14) She sure loves her big brother (15) She only cried for a minute (16) Watching Friends

January Insta 2
(1) First bath in the bathtub instead of the kitchen sink (2) She wakes up so happy (3) Ellie's new trick (4) Skillet s'mores (5) Gooey goodness (6) Excited to play in the snow (7) Staying warm by the fire while everyone else is in the snow (8) Snow hockey (9) Coconut cream ice with "whop" on a snow day

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