Sunday, August 31, 2014

august insta update

august insta love one
(1) I know I'm not supposed to touch the dishwasher...  (2) So I'll lick it instead  (3) I love how much they love each other
(4) I must eat you!  (5) These two cuties stole my spot in bed  (6) Keepin' it Southern
(7) Need. More. Eggies!!!  (8) Playing with her blocks  (9) With my sweet girls

august insta love two
(1) Easy dinner  (2) Ben's geode  (3) Can't believe she's 9 months already!
(4) BBQ at National Night Out  (5) Cotton candy!  (6) The birthday boy-- only five more years 'til he'll be driving for real!
(7) Because I'm happy.... (8) Party train time with friends  (9) Christopher won a bike!!

august insta love three
(1) We got to the beach just in time for a storm!  (2) Rain finally stopped  (3) Surfer Ben
(4) Toes in the sand  (5) She wasn't a fan (6) View during dinner at Queen Anne's Revenge
(7) We ran into some pirates!  (8) Pirates invading Beaufort  (9) Frosty cold vanilla cream

august insta love four
(1) Surfer dude  (2) Beach bum  (3) Christopher's birthday celebration: pizza, cookies, and cards in the hotel!
(4) Beautiful day at the aquarium  (5) Look what's hatching!  (6) Lunch time!
(7) On the way home after a fun weekend  (8) Baby's first lettuce wrap  (9) Big boys are excited for their second week of camp this summer

august insta love five
(1) Ben was excited about his giant cheeseburger at Five Guys  (2) Ellie loves "playing" Mario Kart with her big sister  (3) Christopher won the singing award
(4) Hardest part of Army life is saying goodbye to friends who have become family :(  (5) Finally got his iPod touch  (6) Love snuggling this sleepy sweetie!
(7) Laptop orientation was a success; five days 'til school starts!  (8) Traditional stop at Mooresville Ice Cream after Meet the Teacher night  (9) She got some, too!

august insta love six
(1) Feeeeeed me  (2) Two little girls invaded our bed to "enjoy" the thunderstorm  (3) Oh, happy day!
(4) Back to school shopping ;)  (5) I must eat all the bread.  Now!!!  (6) Best way to finish a delicious dinner!
(7) Making wishes  (8) Sleeping sweetly through church  (9) A quick goodnight before he was back into his book

august insta love seven
(1) First day of sixth grade  (2) Excited for fourth grade  (3) Can't wait for second grade!
(4) Can't believe she's a "grader"  (5) And then there was one (with two tiny teeth poking through)  (6) What are you looking at?!
(7) I can drink out of a hippy now!  (8) Baby pad thai  (9) Yay!  Mommy ordered new headbands and then put a bunch on me!!

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