Saturday, February 28, 2015

foster's come to visit

In February, Uncle Jeff had meetings scheduled in Charlotte and the rest of the family tagged along to see us!  We finally got to see Jacob's mom, younger brother, and older sister and her family for the first time since we moved to North Carolina!

playtime with cousins
Our kids had fun playing with their cousin Gwen in the backyard.  And Nick LOVED talking coding with Uncle Jeff!

uncle abe and grandma robin
Christopher enjoyed getting to know his Uncle Abraham and Nick showed Grandma Robin all of the cool things he can do on the computer.

celebrating birthdays
Gwen turned 2 at our house so we had a birthday celebration and also celebrated Nick's birthday a bit early and Christopher's half birthday.

Nick and his cousin, Addy.  Lexie and the Foster family.

grandma robin
Gwen, Lexie, and Grandma Robin.  Abe photobombed (but at least he smiled!!).  Ben and Grandma Robin.

all the kids
All of the kids :)

We don't get the opportunity to see Jacob's family very often so everyone had a great time reconnecting and getting to know each other.  Gwen, Addy, and Ellie were all new additions since the last time we saw each other!  Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon!

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