Tuesday, March 31, 2015

march insta update

march insta love one
(1) Lovin' on her Lambie  (2) Burrito night means it's also bath night at our house.  Where's Ellie??  (3) Off to the Outer Banks for a few days!
(4) Having a blast on his trip-- checking out the cannons at Fort Macon  (5) LOVING the pizza at the newest place in town!  (6) Birthday/Christmas basketball hoop from Grandma and Grandpa!
(7) Mine!!  (8) Lunch with the birthday girl  (9) Rita's throws a party for Lexie's birthday EVERY year!

march insta love two
(1) Queen of the bed  (2) Had fun exploring the Charlotte WeatherFest  (3) Date night at JJ Wasabi's
(4) Excited for the first backyard BBQ of the season  (5)  "I've created FIRE!!"  (6) Mmmm.  I want s'more!!
(7) Presents by the fire  (8) Birthday banana puddin'  (9) Happy birthday, sweet girl!

march insta love three
(1) Eggies for breakfast!  (2) Birthday girl enjoying her Romlet at Toast  (3) Taco Tuesday for Grandma's birthday  (4) Happy birthday, Grandma!
(5) Bathtime in the sink  (6) Breakfast of champions!  (7) Back to Billy Graham Library for the tour  (8) Trying somewhere new for date night- Bakersfield East
(9) Yum!  (10) Cutest Starbucks ever  (11) Perfect end to date night  (12) Deliciousness

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