Thursday, April 30, 2015

april insta update

april insta love one
(1) Spring break "Shark Attack" snackin' at Pelican's Snoballs  (2) She picked the "Butterfly Kiss"  (3)  Enjoying a fire during the week since it's Spring Break
(4) Roasting marshmallows  (5) S'mores deliciousness  (6) Swinging sisters
(7) Roasting hotdogs for dinner  (8) And marshmallows for dessert!  (9) I love marshmallows!

april insta love two
(1) Perfect end to the day  (2) Some"bunny" stopped by our house  (3) Ready for church on Easter Sunday (wearing one of Grandpa's childhood shirts)
(4) Excited to read this to her- one of my favorites!  (5) Spring has sprung  (6) Please play with me, Zoe!
(7) Maybe I need to rethink my driving habits.  At least this time she doesn't have a coffee cup in the other hand  (8) Snuggling sweet Lincoln  (9) Teaching her all about Minecraft

april insta love three
(1) So true  (2) Tea party before school  (3) Little reader
(4) She's more fun than dishes!  (5) I hope these curls stick around forever  (6) Lexie loves when they wear matching jimmies and Ellie loves Lexie's Frozen cup
(7) Always on the go  (8) Stopping for some milk  (9) Christopher was picked to present at Technology Night again this year!

april insta love four
(1) Morning snuggles with the puppy  (2) Birthday lunch with a sweet boy!  (3) We ran into this sweet girl and had lunch with her, too!
(4) Lazy Sunday morning watching VeggieTales before church  (5) Ben's birthday dinner means my house smells amaaaaazing  (6) Birthday boy with his beloved spaghetti and meatballs
(7) Sweet little turtles on Ben's Mississippi Mud cake-- fitting since his nickname is "Turtles"  (8) Sweet sisters after their bath  (9) Sometimes you have to do silly pics, too!

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