Thursday, June 18, 2015

road trip day nine: pool fun and jurassic world

ready to swimThe first couple of times the kids swam, Ellie was taking a nap, but we eventually made sure to plan our pool time around her naps so she could swim, too.

fun in the pool
Happy swimmers!  Auntie Janne and Hannah came over to swim, too!

pool smiles
Hannah was not happy that Ellie used her pool float (really, she was tired because she missed her nap).

sweet girls
All the granddaughters :)

manicotti and movies
Growing up, manicotti was one of my FAVORITE things for dinner so Grandma lovingly made tons and tons of manicotti for a big family dinner.  Since I don't make it at home, this was the first time the kids had it and they loved it, too!  After dinner, we took the boys to go see Jurassic World with Grandpa, Auntie Janne and Uncle Adam, and Grandma stayed home with all the girls.

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