Monday, August 31, 2015

august fun

nc zoo
We met some friends from Fort Bragg at the NC Zoo for a morning of animal adventures.

zoo crazies
Even though we don't see them as often as we used to, the kids have a great time together!

lexie and luke
The grounds of the zoo are absolutely beautiful!  We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed it while moving around to stay away from the bees.

it's a bear!
The bears were a favorite and we watched this black one lounge around for quite awhile.

donnut eaters
We went to National Night Out in downtown Mooresville again this year.  Ben and Lexie were excited to participate in the donut eating contest-- they tried their hardest but didn't finish first.

big donut eaters
Christopher and Nicholas participated in the older group.  They were both sure they'd win but didn't quite beat the girl that seemed to just inhale hers.

christopher's 12th birthday
We celebrated Christopher's 12th birthday with ice cream from Kilwin's and then presents at home!

camp weaver
All the boys went to Camp Weaver this year.  It was Ben's first time staying at camp for a week and he was so excited (and did great)!

camp weaver drop off
The boys all ready for camp-- and Lexie ready to leave them there!

silly girls
It was fun having just girls for the week and lots of fun and silliness ensued.

mommy's helper
Ellie loves "helping" bake just about anything.  The pumpkin dump cake beaters are definitely a favorite though.

christopher's sleepover
After a week of camp, Christopher was excited to celebrate his birthday with his friends.  He had three spend the night and they were busy with swimming, pizza, movies and video games!

ellie silliness
Such a silly girl!!  Ellie loves playing with all of her babies and with her big brother, Ben!

Dancing Queen!

New song, same moves. And apparently swim suits are worn over clothes!

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