Wednesday, September 30, 2015

apple pickin'

apple picking one
We drove up to Stepp's Orchard, just outside of Hendersonville, to go apple picking with our neighbors.  The leaves were just starting to turn red and you could tell fall was in the air-- the morning air was crisp and cool.

apple picking two
While there were quite a few apples on the ground, there were TONS still in the trees and the kids walked up and down the rows of trees looking for the best apples.

giant apple
The staff at the orchard recommended that we sample the apples as we were picking-- no one wants to pick and buy a variety that they don't like!  Some of the apples were almost as big as Ellie's head!

fun with friends
We picked, and picked, and picked, and then it would be time to sit down and take a break.

more apples
Ellie loved trying all the different kinds of apples.  She can't eat the peel very well so those bites got spit out.

all the kids
Group pictures are always entertaining with so many kids!

apple pickin' boys
Apple pickin' boys.

ellie and her apple
Ellie loved that she was free to roam and had a ball running up and down the rows of trees.

ellie apple one
She found an apple on the ground (ewwww!) and started eating it before anyone noticed.  Luckily, it looked fine and she ate the whole thing!

ellie apple two
She looooooooves apples.

ellie apple three
Apples, apples, and more apples.  Or in her case, the same apple that took forever to finish!

The kids all worked together to pick as many apples as possible- they took turns filling and carrying the baskets.

fun in the orchard
Christopher found a ladybug on one of his apples but she quickly flew away.

ellie apples four
Just a little girl in a big orchard.

picnic lunch
We wrapped up our outing with a fun picnic lunch (with barbecue for the adults!).  Great times with great friends!

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