Saturday, October 31, 2015

fun at carowinds

After living in the Charlotte area for three years, we decided it was FINALLY time to go to Carowindsfury and hurler
Nick was sooooooo excited to finally get to ride Fury 325-- it has a 320 foot drop and goes 95mph making it the tallest, fastest and longest non-launched coaster in North America.  All of the kids (well, minus Ellie) enjoyed the Hurler, a classic wooden coaster.

The loops on the Carolina Cyclone

Carolina Cyclone was Lexie's first upside-down roller coaster and she LOVED it!

Jacob and Nick went on Vortex, the stand up roller coaster.  Carolina Cyclone corkscrew.

little monkey
The little monkey waiting in line.

She was so excited watching the balloons fly by at the Flying Ace Balloon Race and had a big smile on her face through the whole ride-- even the big kids thought it was pretty fun!

pirate ships
Big kids on the pirate ships

pumpkin patch
There was a cute little pumpkin patch and each kid was able to pick one out to take home!

snoopy :)
The big kids were excited to meet Snoopy and Ellie smiled from the safety of the stroller.

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie and the Flying Ace Aerial Chase

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