Saturday, October 31, 2015

october insta update

october insta love one
(1) Getting ready for the stormy weekend  (2) Little monkey  (3) Breakfast tacos for taco Tuesday
(4) Picnic lunch in the car at Newfound Gap  (5) Dinner date with Nick  (6) His fave part of date night was petting the lobster
(7) Frozen custard kind of day!  (8) Best breakfast in Tennessee  (9) See you next time, mountains!

october insta love two
(1) Relaxing Sunday afternoon  (2) Feeding all her babies (and a puppy)  (3) I love fall in NC
(4) Nick finally made it on Fury325  (5) Lexie's first upside down roller coaster  (6) Ellie got to go on some rides, too!
(7) Only theme park in the country that's in 2 states-- standing on the NC/SC line  (8) Date night with Lexie  (9) Continued with "Waffle Cone Wednesday"

Rocking her baby

That moment when your jam comes on the radio.

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