Sunday, January 31, 2016

snow day

We finally got a couple of inches of snow and the kids were SO EXCITED to go out and play!

into the snow
Ellie's first time playing in the snow-- she was totally unsure about the whole thing and stood in one place for a long time.

This year we were prepared and had sleds on hand (as well as the saucer we bought at White Sands) and the kids used them to sled down the hill from our house.

fun in the snow
Sledding fun :)

snow fun
Miss Ellie had a ball standing in her spot and watching the big kids.  Every so often she would try jumping or moving her foot only to put it back where she started and watch.

first time sledding
Even Ellie got a chance to sled down the hill!

racing boys
Nick and Ben raced down the hill- by the time they got to the bottom they were laughing so hard that they both fell off their sleds so there was no real winner.

Sledding girls.

having fun
Snowbaby :)

she got cold
Ellie decided it was too cold to play outside and headed in to watch "Home" while the big kids kept sledding.

ellie and nick
Watching a movie was short-lived though and she got bundled up again and went back into the cold.  Nick is such a good big brother and pulled her all around the yard on his sled.

snow fun
Snow fun.

sweet ben
Sweet Ben having fun in the snow.

she got tired
After several hours of playing outside, the big kids finally got cold enough to clean up and head inside.  Ellie was clearly tired of being outside (and tired in general) and went in for a nice, warm nap.

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  1. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!! I love Ellie's many expressions. And Ben's GQ posing!


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