Tuesday, March 1, 2016

march fun

hanging out at home
A glimpse of normal life at home: Ellie with her yogurt and granola for breakfast and Nick playing his DS.

random posing
Ellie is going through a stage where she wants her picture taken with random things so she'll stand next to something and say "cheese" until I take a picture.

We drove down to Charlotte to try out Chopt and had the most delicious salads!  I love that for their kids meals you can pick out any three salad fixin's-- Ellie was in heaven with her white cheddar, chicken and black beans!

carowinds season pass night
Season Pass Preview Night at Carowinds

lovin' on the target dog
Ellie LOVES the Target dog and wants a picture EVERY time we go-- sometimes the other kids get in on the fun, too!

ellie's selfies
Ellie has figured out how to take selfies and thinks it's hilarious to fill my phone with her silly faces!

Our neighbors have a teeter-totter and it's one of the favorite toys in the neighborhood.  We practice safe teeter-tottering by wearing helmets!  ;)  (Really, they rode their bikes across the street and didn't want to take their helmets off and then put them back on)

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