Saturday, April 30, 2016

april happenings

ben basketball
We love going to watch Ben's basketball games!

random happenings
Randomness: Dinner at McAlister's after a basketball game, sisters watching "Sound of Music," and Nick making s'mores.

carowinds ride pics 4/10
Since we have season passes to Carowinds, we go often and the ride pictures are always entertaining!

carowinds ride pics 4/10 2
More Carowinds fun :)

The second grade had their annual Dances around the World performance and they wrapped it up with a big dance party!

silly ellieSilly Ellie: She loves helping make cookies (or really anything where she can lick the beaters), she thinks matching jammies with either her dolls or Hannah and Lexie are the best thing ever, she loves stealing other people's shoes so she can go outside, and she likes to have her picture taken before she goes to bed so she can show Hannah what jammies she's wearing.

carowinds ride pics 4/22
More fun at Carowinds: Christopher took his friend, Will, one evening and they had a blast on the big rides before their fun got rained out.

We went back as a family a couple of days later.  When we all go, we have to combine the thrill rides that only Chris and Nick are tall enough for with the more family friendly rides that Ellie can go on.  The four big kids all got soaked on White Water Falls!

carowinds fun
After getting on as many rides as possible, we stopped for a quick dinner on our way out of the park.  Ellie crashed while we were in line for food so she got to enjoy the leftovers on the way to the car.

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  1. great video - Lexie's a natural dancer! And I think Ellie looks a lot like Hannah in the pic of her in her crib - maybe because they both have those jammies. ;-)


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