Thursday, June 30, 2016

road trip day twenty three: channel islands national park

ready to sail
On our quest to visit all of the National Parks, we decided to head to Channel Islands National Park on our trip this year.  Little Miss Attitude and Truck Grandpa, ready to board the boat at Oxnard Harbor!

channel islands
We did a wildlife cruise through Island Packers, and while it didn't land on any of the islands, we did get to cruise along the coast of Anacapa Island.  On our way out there we even came across a shark(!) about fifteen feet away from the boat.  The photographer guy on board said he thought it was a mako shark-- glad we were on a boat and not swimming!!

It's about an hour out to the islands and it was CHOPPY!!  Jacob and I got stuck on the lower level with Ellie for the ride out and we got a bit wet and bounced around for most of the ride.  Once it calmed down a bit, we made it upstairs to sit with the rest of our group.

Lots of birds!

The park's most recognizable landmark, Arch Rock, and Anacapa Island.

first glimpse of dolphins
On our way back to Oxnard we finally saw a couple of dolphins!

Playful dolphins :)

dolphin fun!
After a couple of minutes, those couple of dolphins turned into a pod of about fifty dolphins and they were very playful!  We had fun on our trip out to the Channel Islands and would love to do it again when we have the time (and money $$$) to actually land and explore.

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