Sunday, July 31, 2016

july randomness

epic chophouse
Since Christopher turned THIRTEEN this year, we decided to take him to Epic Chophouse for a special birthday dinner while Nick, Ben, and Lexie were at VBS.  He was totally surprised and LOVED it!  Ellie entertained herself by organizing all of the silverware.

ellie's faves
A few of Ellie's favorites: our new (to us, really, it's over 100 years old) piano, getting her hair done,
going to breakfast, and shopping at Hobby Lobby (or Hobby Wobby as she says it!).

Ellie playing the piano.

She's "seriously hungry"!!

Sweet girls by the fountain.  Nick and Jacob were geocaching in the area so we stopped to watch the dancing fountain.

camp bob
The big kids all went to Camp Bob in the mountains of NC for a week of camp sponsored by Operation Purple (an organization that sends military kids to camp to connect with other kids that have been through similar situations).  They had a great time and made lots of new friends-- and we enjoyed a quiet house!!


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