Thursday, July 14, 2016

road trip day thirty seven: drive to knoxville

After leaving Jackson, we decided that we weren't quite ready for our trip to be over so we booked a hotel in Knoxville, TN, allowing us to have two short driving days instead of one long one.  We stopped at Sweet P's BBQ (one of our faves!) for a delicious late lunch!
July 14, 2016 - Knoxville TN - State #13 - 6060 miles

hotel in knoxville
As soon as we checked in at the hotel, it started pouring and there was a HUGE thunderstorm causing the power to go on and off-- when we left the next morning there were tons of downed trees.  Once the storm passed, the kids got their swimsuits on and we headed to the pool to burn off some energy before enjoying happy hour.  We ordered the kids dinner from the hotel restaurant-- Lexie LOVED her nutella and jelly sandwich with fresh fruit!

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