Wednesday, July 6, 2016

road trip day twenty nine: bearizona

bearizona drive thru
One of the main reasons that we drove up to Flagstaff was to check out Bearizona, a drive-through wildlife park.

We drove the meandering road and saw all sorts of animals native to North America (though not all native to Arizona).

goats and hands
Even though the rules expressly state that hands and arms are to remain in the vehicle at all times, some grandparents think it's ok to not follow the rules.  ;)  Luckily, they were just driving through the goats and not the bears!

 We only saw a couple of bears on our drive-- the rest must have been sleeping!

bearizona entrance
Pictures at the entrance to the walk-through part of the park.

bird show
The kids all loved the Birds of Prey show-- it was so cool to see the birds flying right over the audience.

bear cub
Bearcubs :)

sweet foxy
Sweet sleeping fox... and then sweet awake fox.  While not as many of the animals were awake and playing on our visit as we expected, we had fun strolling the grounds before driving back to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

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