Monday, July 4, 2016

road trip day twenty seven: 4th of july!

making cake
We started our Fourth of July festivities by making our most favorite ice cream cake-- Lexie got the job of smooshing the Oreo crumbs and butter.

candy thief
She has such a sweet tooth-- if there's candy around, she will find it.  And DEVOUR it!

lemonade stand
The big kids had a lemonade (and otter pop and Red Vines) stand at the end of the grandparents' street.  They lasted about an hour before calling it quits (with two of them severely overheated), but they managed to make SIXTY dollars!!

We spent some time in the pool to cool off-- Ellie can be such a diva!

crazy cousins
It's always more fun to run around when there's someone your own size to do it with!

Instead of going to see fireworks this year, we bought some from a roadside stand and did them in the street and the kids enjoyed laying in the grass and watching the show.

Sparkler fun!

sparkler ellie
Ellie LOVED the sparklers this year!

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