Wednesday, August 31, 2016

august insta update

august insta love one
(1) Munchkins in the car  (2) He's a TEENAGER  (3) Big kids are off for a week at Camp Weaver
(4) Can't complain about the view  (5) Dinner at the beach  (6) Goodmorning beach
(7) One of my fave views  (8) Fun in the sun!  (9) Goodnight beach

august insta love two
(1) Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a hot day  (2) I ❤️the beach  (3) Beach nap
(4) Morning at the aquarium  (5) Shrimpburgers!!  (6) Playing with pizza dough
(7) Deeeeeelicious lunch  (8) Our fave BBQ in Knoxville  (9) Create your own pizza for dinner

august insta love three
(1) Ready for a fun day  (2) Rocket park  (3) Excited about her alien water bottle
(4) So excited for Space Camp!  (5) And he's off  (6) Dinner at the beach
(7) Flounder's famous key lime pie!  (8) Fun in the sun  (9) Beach baby

august insta love four
(1) Checking out the fort  (2) Late night dinner craziness  (3) Watching the Blue Angels practice
(4) Deep in thought  (5) Goodbye beach  (6) Bamboo forest 
(7) Headed home with our Space Camp grad!  (8) Liquid nitrogen shakes  (9) Laptop orientation complete!

august insta love five
(1) Ice cream after Meet the Teacher night  (2) First day of 6th grade  (3) First day of 4th grade
(4) First day of 3rd grade  (5) First day of 8th grade-- it was too early to remember to get a pic on my phone  (6) Crazy girl once everyone went to school

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