Friday, September 30, 2016

september insta update

september insta love one
(1) The littlest helper  (2) He FINALLY got a phone!  (3) Enjoy our kids eat free lunch
(4) She has the best brothers and sister ever-- they make sure to find her all the newest Tic-Tacs  (5) Happy birthday, Brayden!
(6) Snack after the first practice of the season
(7) Stop #1- Target.  We forgot her blanket and had to stop for a new one!  (8) One of our fave lunch spots  (9) SOOOO excited to see Grandma!!

september insta love two
(1) Sweet cousins  (2) Cherry thief!  (3) Hanging out with our favorite Mickey
(4) Mmmmmm.  (5) One Blue Wonder 🐬🐬 (6) Brrrr.
(7) Heading to Antarctica  (8) Such a silly girl  (9) "Sea Lion High"

september insta love three
(1) Sleepy girl  (2) Ended the day with Shamu!  (3) Had a fun and relaxing evening at the pool
(4) Sweet sliding sisters  (5) Our favorite breakfast-- 'Ohana!  (6) Dole Whip floats at the Poly
(7) Magic Kingdom time!  (8) Afternoon nap  (9) First ride of the day!

september insta love four
(1) Tinkerbell and Daddy Darling  (2) Wendy and Mommy Darling  (3) Peter Pan and Captain Hook
(4) Time for Dumbo!  (5) Fireworks are the best part of the night  (6) Riding with Auntie Janne
(7) Pan, Hook, Wendy and Smee  (8) Spooky castle during the party  (9) Traditional ice cream on Main Street to end the night!

september insta love five
(1) It's a basketball kind of afternoon  (2) Pizza and movie night  (3) Birthday boy and a sweetheart  (4) Tuesday night at the gym

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