Saturday, November 5, 2016

ellie's THIRD birthday

night before her birthday
Snuggles on her last night as a two year old!

she's THREE
Look who's THREE!!!

birthday lunch
Lunch at her favorite restaurant.

from lexie
She even got presents from her siblings :)

She had such fun opening up her presents- each one, from the bouncy ball to the gift cards, was new and exciting.

belle dress
SOOOO excited for her new Belle dress!

from the cousins!
Her cousins (and aunts and uncles!) did a great job picking out gifts this year!

Reading her birthday cards :)

Reading her birthday cards :)

so excited
Ellie LOVED her new kitchen-- especially the phone so she can call Grandma!

so pink
Ellie wanted pink cupcakes with pink sprinkles this year (I was very surprised that she didn't pick purple!).

happy birthday to me
She helped everyone sing "Happy Birthday" since it's one of her favorite songs.

make a wish
Make a wish!!

birthday girl
She blew out her candle several times before eating her cupcake.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!!

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