Friday, November 25, 2016

getting a christmas tree

make a wish
On Black Friday, we drove up to the mountains to pick out our Christmas tree and Lexie was so excited to find a dandelion!

We took the hayride up the mountain to check out all of the trees.

sweet kids and the tree
Once we found the perfect tree, I made sure to get pictures of all the kids with it-- from several different sides!

down it goes
They cut the tree down for us...

lots of trees
And hauled it back down to where we were parked.

We took the hayride back down and waited for them to load the tree up on our car.  We stopped at the Copper Mine Grill for a delicious lunch on our way home.

setting up the tree
Once we got home, the boys got the tree set up in the family room-- with a little help from Ellie!

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