Saturday, December 31, 2016

december insta update

december insta love one
(1) Saturday morning haircut  (2) 9 inches gone and ready to donate!  (3) Lunch with the girls
(4) Headed to the Father-Daughter Hoedown!  (5) I cannot believe how grown up she looks!  (6) Continuting the Home Alone marathon tradition
(7) Ready for their 5k  (8) So proud of her!  (9) Meeting Santa!

december insta love two
(1) Traditional Peruvian before "Christmas with the Kranks"  (2) Love my Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas mugs!  (3) Everybody needs a holiday armadillo!!
(4) He shoots... he scores!!  (5) Green jello and eggnog with "Christmas Vacation"  (6) "Santa Clause" marathon time!!
(7) Dinner at Denny's in Christmas jammies  (8) Continuing the marathon  (9) Time for the final movie!

december insta love three
(1) tonight we're having a "4th of July" BBQ and watching my fave Christmas movie!  (2) Grandpa is such a good sport!  (3) Deeeeeelicious lunch!
(4) Checking out Gatlinburg  (5) So happy to be sitting by the fire  (6) I love the Christmas lights in Gatlinburg!
(7) The best french toast in town  (8) Excited for pancakes!  (9) Staying warm by the fire

december insta love four
(1) Heading into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. (2) Dusting of snow in the Smokies  (3) I ❤️the Smokies!
(4) Our traditional "Elf" dinner  (5) Cookie making time!  (6) Peppermint shakes and driving around looking at Christmas lights
(7) Helping Grandma make sugar cookies  (8) Decorating cookies  (9) Naptime on Grandma!

december insta love five
(1) Takeout Thai/Chinese with "A Christmas Story"  (2) Ready for church  (3) Sweet sisters  (4) Lexie in the Christmas program at church
(5) Enjoying pizza for dinner and watching classic Christmas cartoons!  (6) Reindeer food  (7) Opening one present and off to bed!  (8) Just waiting on Santa
(9) One excited little girl!  (10) And a super excited big boy!!  (11) Date night for us!  (12) It's gonna be a two pot kind of day.

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