Wednesday, May 31, 2017

may randomness

ben's birthday party
Ben had a couple of friends spend the night to celebrate his TENTH birthday!  They went bowling, had pizza, watched movies, and had brownie sundaes.

ready to run
Ready to run his second 5k with Let Me Run.

go ben, go!
Go Ben, go!!

guac lovers
For Cinco de Mayo this year we had seven layer bean dip and guacamole for dinner.  Lexie and Ellie are the official guac tasters and work hard to make sure that it's delicious every time!

silly girl
This silly girl likes: playing in toys that she's too big for at church, sitting in furniture displays at Target, eating lunch with toys, and playing in the tub for hours.

memorial day
Happy Memorial Day: We went to Target, the boys got haircuts, and we had pizza and wings for dinner!

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  1. Ben looks so grown up! I can't believe he's 10 already. Sigh...


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