Monday, July 3, 2017

road trip day twenty three: beach day

beach time
We met up with a lot of the California and Arizona cousins for a fun day at the beach.  As soon as everything was unloaded, the kids were all in the water.

sweet everly
Even Miss Everly wanted to join them!

covered in sand
Such a sweet, sandy boy.

Lucas played with this piece of driftwood and the frisbee for hours.

sweet ellie
Sweet Ellie made sand angels all around my chair and then enjoyed a picnic lunch.

They were STARVING after playing at the beach for a couple of hours-- and apparently a bit crazy, too!

There were so many birds this time- and a lone seal (that I didn't get a good picture of) that scared Christopher when it popped up next to him!

fun in the sand
Ellie and Journey played in the sand and every once in awhile, a big kid would come play with them too.

fun in the sun
Fun in the sun!

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