Sunday, February 11, 2018

fun with hannah

lunch with hannah
One of my favorite things about my sister and her fam living in NC is that we get to see them WAY more often!  Auntie Janne and Miss Hannah came out to our house for a weekend of fun-- which clearly includes lunch at Chick-fil-A!

fun at target
We always go wander around Target when they're in town-- the girls have so much fun looking at clothes and accessories.

making cupcakes
We celebrated Auntie Janne's birthday while they were here and the girls helped me make her birthday cupcakes.

licking beaters
They had fun pouring and mixing but their favorite part was definitely licking the beaters!! 

Happy birthday, Auntie Janne!!

hannah banana
Such a sweet and silly girl!

jumping girls
These two play hard and fight hard and I'm so glad that they're growing up close to each other.  Cousins really are your first best friends!

such silly girls
Hannah (3) and Ellie (4)-- these two always make me smile!

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