Saturday, April 28, 2018

soccer and strawberries

watching soccer
Auntie Janne and Hannah came to see Lexie play soccer and while I didn't get a single picture of the game, I did get some of the spectators!

patterson farms
After soccer we went to Patterson Farms to pick strawberries- the girls loved going up and down the rows picking the biggest ones they could find.

she loves strawberries
Such a sweet strawberry lover!

So many strawberries!!

auntie janne and hannah
It was fun being able to share with the experience with Auntie Janne and Hannah.

patterson farms truck
- Patterson Farms -

cow train
After we picked a couple gallons of strawberries, the girls wanted to ride the cow train.  I was impressed at how extensive the train ride was-- they were gone for almost ten minutes!!

ice cream
Post-strawberry pickin' ice cream.

The little girls loved the playground and did NOT want to leave!


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