Sunday, May 6, 2018

end of the season soccer

friday night soccer
After listening to Lexie beg to play soccer for a couple of years, we finally let her play rec soccer and she just wrapped up the first season.  The last weekend of the season is their big tournament so she had a game Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon-- a full weekend of soccer!

playing goalie
In their last game she started out as goalie and did a great job making sure that the ball never made it into the goal!

soccer one
She moved up to forward (her fave place to be) for the rest of the game.

soccer two
She shoots.... she scores!!!

soccer three
For it being her first season, she's been surprisingly good at footwork-- and isn't afraid to go after the ball.

soccer four
She shoots... she scores again!!

soccer five
And again!!!  She had an awesome first season and is looking forward to continuing to play!


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