Saturday, February 28, 2009

he called!

Jacob got a quick chance to call tonight.  He sounded so much better this time- still tired, but healthier!!  It has been a very interesting week for him!!

They lost their passes last Sunday which was very disappointing.  I guess someone put IcyHot in someone else's underwear and a huge fight (I'm assuming fistfight) ensued.  Not the best way to start out the week!!

They also did their FTX (field training exercise) this week.  The first day they headed out with all of their gear and got everything set up.  After they were settled, flares started going off and they had to rush everyone back because tornadoes were touching down about three miles away.  The next day went as planned.  He said he spent 6 hours laying on his stomach with his rifle doing "security", then dug a foxhole and ate an MRE laying down.  Today they had to stop training because of snow.  They had about four inches of snow in an hour and the whole post shut down.  By the time they made it back, there was a foot of snow and 3 people had frostbite.

They are still "technically" in the field right now so they aren't supposed to be getting passes tomorrow.  He said that this week should be a little more relaxed.  He was pretty sure that they were actually finishing BCT this week coming up instead of the next week as scheduled.  Hopefully he'll get a bit more free time (phone time!) in AIT.  :)

Oh, and the highlight of his week was the ENTIRE box of Thin Mints that he ate in less than 10 minutes!

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