Thursday, April 21, 2011

vacay day three: supertarget and boma

After our late night at SeaWorld we thought it would be a good idea to sleep in a bit on Sunday.  Luckily, all the kids complied and we all caught up on some sleep.  Then we had to pack up all of our stuff and check out of hotel #1 since we were switching to a different hotel that night.

We found a SuperTarget in Kissimmee and stocked up on some essentials (pop-tarts and water bottles) for our upcoming week at Walt Disney World!  Have I mentioned lately how much I miss SuperTarget??  'Cause I totally do!!  We spent over two hours there and it was amazing!!

We grabbed some lunch at Friday's (yet another place we don't have here!) on our way to meet my parents at hotel #2-- Marriott's Cypress Harbour.   It's the same place we stayed last time we went to Disney World and we went back again just for the amazing bathtubs!!

After getting settled and figuring out which kids were sleeping in which room we were off to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner at Boma (which has become our first night tradition).  Boma is designed to resemble an African marketplace and serves dishes inspired by the varied flavors and seasonal dishes of over 50 African countries.

Our kids love that it's a buffet so they can pick out what looks good.  And we love that they get to experience new foods and flavors!  And of course, we also love the Zebra Domes- a layer of sponge cake topped with chocolate and white chocolate mousse mixed with Amarula liquor underneath white chocolate ganache!

After our delicious dinner we headed outside to check out the grounds of Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We checked out the amazing pool and playground areas and made our way to the savannah viewing deck.  The kids were so excited to see giraffes and antelope strolling around the savannah.  Then it was back to our hotel for bedtime before...... EPCOT!!

Animal Kingdom Lodge
the wildlife at Animal Kingdom Lodge


  1. Lexie is wildlife! hahaha! :)

  2. We love Animal Kingdom Lodge. Boma was excellent. We actually stayed there the last time and my son adored seeing the giraffes (his favorite!) from the balcony. Animal Kingdom is our favorite park too.


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