Tuesday, June 21, 2016

road trip day fourteen: whale watching and newport beach

at the marina
After a long day at Disneyland, a relaxing day was just what everyone needed.  We slept in late and made our way to Newport Harbor after lunch.  The kids enjoyed watching the boats pass by as we waited for our whale watching cruise.

on the boat
On the boat!  We chose to sit on the lower level towards the stern-- the kids liked being so close to the water while looking for dolphins and whales.


more dolphins
We saw a huge pod of common dolphins and they put on quite a show for us!

Dolphins and the Newport coast.

whale time!
After awhile we finally saw a whale!  Off in the distance we could see the blow so the captain headed in that direction for a closer look.

whale tails
Whale tails.

family fun
Fun on the boat!  While the boat cannot approach a whale within 100 yards, that doesn't mean the whale cannot go closer to the boat-- one of the whales we saw seemed to enjoy moving closer and closer!  The excursion proved to be a great nap for Ellie and for Ben who was feeling a bit sea sick!

sea lions
Sea lions on the way back to the harbor.

dinner on the pier
After our fun filled afternoon at sea we walked down the Balboa Pier to the original Ruby's for dinner.

balboa pier
Ruby's at the end of the pier and the super-sweet two year old.

golden hour
The sun was just starting to set as we made our way back down the pier.

troublesome seagull
I wanted to get a picture of all the kids but Ellie was wayyyy more interested in the seagull than in posing for a picture.

Such a silly seagull!

family pictures
Such sweet kiddos.

The beach and the setting sun.

end of the day
Goodnight beach.

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